My name is Tom Randall and I’m a professional climber, dad and owner of a number of climbing businesses. It’s certainly a bit of an eclectic mix!

My days are jammed packed from waking to sleeping – splitting my time between helping with my young family, running the businesses and doing my own personal training. I have “juggling life” down to sort of an art form…. I’ve definitely learnt from the girls who can multitask that it’s possible!

I think I have got to where I am in my professional climbing career by being totally single-minded, driven and accepting only the very best from myself (which is obviously hard at times for those around me). I apply these same principles to running and driving my various businesses forward and can be very unforgiving of myself if I fall short of what I believe is achievable.

Long hours of repetitive training are a large component of my climbing life, punctuated with trips within the UK and abroad to expand my professional climbing career. Alongside this, I also lecture and run climbing workshops to do with my outdoor adventure activities.

Being a professional climber is utterly amazing; I have the opportunity to travel the world, climb the very best rock in the most amazing places and, along the way, meet some amazing like-minded and very cool people. It also comes with its responsibility too. One of my big drivers is to help other climbers to make the very best of their abilities and to, hopefully, inspire.

This is why I have developed the businesses I have. I am part owner of a climbing wall in Loughborough, UK and director of a climbing accessory company. My newest venture is advanced training facilities available within a climbing gym environment (called Lattice Training).

Having a young family is hugely rewarding and I have massive respect for my wife who runs the home with military precision without even breaking into a sweat! It is amazing how daily packed lunches, school runs, clubs etc are scheduled and executed with such aplomb. As my wife works for the business as well, we tag team the kids and I try to still give some effort at sharing out the workload. It’s a bit of a “work in progress” which never quite seems to hit a perfect balance, but then again, I have to reflect that I’ve not really stuck to a normal path in life!

A day in the life

If you’d like a flavour of how my day works, here’s a mini example….

It’s school break, so it’s my turn for child care today. By 9 am I’m on the phone sorting out my old VW camper which has developed a fault, usual domestic stuff, then my mom arrives for work here (she’s my PA as she’s the only person who can cope with my lifestyle!).

Kids settle down for some play whilst I answer client emails and plan a climbing trip to Norway. Pack up lunch for the kids before we all head out at 11 am. We all pile into the car for a round trip of Sheffield, my hometown.

First stop a meeting with a new climbing hold developer, meanwhile, my mom uses the car for a bit of childcare and office work! Then it’s on to a local climbing wall to retrieve some volumes that have been left there from a previous workshop.

Afternoon, I head home for some playtime with the kids and a few phone calls. Later on, I head back out to the climbing wall to do some coaching for a couple of hours. After this, I get some personal training done and then go to a directors meeting. I am home by 10 pm. More emails await my attention and I write up a couple of training plans for good measure. A good productive day, that’s all I want!