Don’t be fooled by the size of these tiny seeds — they pack a powerful punch. Brimming with protein, fibre, iron and omega-3 fatty acids, super seeds are just as their name suggests… super! At The Primal Pantry, we believe that less really is more, which is why we keep our ingredient lists low by using top-notch nutritional ingredients. As the saying goes — good things come in small packages, and this is no exception when it comes to the seeds we pack into our bars.

Super seed fast facts

From the Aztecs to the Native American Indians, seeds have been utilised for their powerful plant-based properties by many over the centuries. At Primal we believe in keeping things simple — if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it! That’s why we’re following in the footsteps of civilisations past; we use a mixture of linseed, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds to give you the sustenance you need. Dense in nutrients and essential fatty acids, seeds are the ideal swift snack for people who lead active lifestyles. The iron and protein content contained in these tiny shells also makes them excellent supplements for vegans and vegetarians.

The Specifics

Pumpkin seeds: Think twice next time you hollow out a pumpkin at Halloween — these winter squashes carry more weight than simply being your seasonal carving canvas. Scoop out the seeds for one of the best natural sources of magnesium around. Magnesium is key for countless chemical reactions in the body and is essential in maintaining strong bones, normal nerve function and a healthy immune system. On top of this, magnesium aids muscle function and sleep quality, making pumpkin seeds perfect for post-exercise recovery.

Sunflower seeds: Sunflowers aren’t just a pretty face — their seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E that can help you feel good on the inside and out! Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can help protect your cells against damage caused by free radicals. Not only good for your skin, hair and heart, sunflower seeds are also full of folate, a form of vitamin B which is essential for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. High in selenium, sunflower seeds can also help regulate your thyroid gland, which is essential for regulating body temperature, heart rate and metabolism.

Linseed: So good they were named twice! Also known as ‘flaxseed’, these small brown seeds are bursting with heart-healthy ALA omega-3 fatty acids. This is good news for people avoiding any animal products as each tablespoon of linseed contains roughly 1.8 grams of omega-3, making it one of the richest plant-based sources on the planet. Linseed also tops the charts for having the highest levels of lignans in comparison to its plant counterparts. One especially for the women, Lignans are a type of plant compound linked to balancing hormone levels.

Super by name, super by nature

Less really is more, and seeds are a simple yet effective snack for no-nonsense nutrition. Versatile in nature, they can be sprinkled over your breakfast bowl, added to a smoothie, or enjoyed in a Primal bar. Keep your hunger pangs at bay with our Mixed Berry Protein bar; packed with pumpkin seeds, it’s perfect for those post-workout slumps.