Untamed [Adjective]

/ʌnˈteɪmd/ Not domesticated or otherwise controlled

Synonyms: wild, natural, free, uncontrollable, unbridled, adventurous, spirited


Founded in 2013 by Suzie Walker – who still runs the business to this day – we’re on a mission to get people making better snacking choices. Suzie set the ball rolling in late 2013 when as a qualified nutritionist, and with a career background in consumer goods, she found herself struggling to find suitable products on the market to recommend to her clients.

So, armed with a blender, some fruit, nuts and spices she got to work making her own. The Primal Pantry was born.

Initial samples went down a storm with 21,000 snack bars sold on pre-order via our fledgeling website. With a lounge full of boxes and packaging material Suzie realised she was on to something. A business partner was found, and a production kitchen that could meet her scrupulous requirements. In early 2014 our products starting to hit the shelves of retailers across the UK, with international markets following in right behind.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride ever since…!


We make damn tasty snack and protein bars from just a handful of high quality, whole food ingredients. We keep things simple. No bullshit, no nonsense, no additives. All the ingredients in our bars are recognisable and easy to pronounce (no maltodextrin, aspartame or hydrogenated vegetable oils here) and readily available on a supermarket shelf, or in your own kitchen cupboard.

You could make them yourself – we’ll even tell you how – but to be honest, we’ve done the hard work and saved you the washing up.

We’re a small team with big ideas, tasty products, several dogs and a bright pink delivery van. Our products aren’t cheap, but we’re not going to apologise for that. Quality ingredients are expensive.

As Suzie herself says:

“We should stop asking why real food is so expensive and instead question why processed food is so cheap”

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