Cocoa Orange Protein

15 x 55g


A personal favourite in the den, our Cocoa Orange High Protein bar is made with raw cocoa AND cocoa nibs, not to mention orange peel.

Incredibly tasty, each 55g bar contains 27% natural protein, with no additives, preservatives, flavourings or colours in sight. No gym bag should be without one.

Each bar contains: hemp protein, dates, coconut nectar, almonds, cocoa powder, almond oils, dried orange, cocoa nibs.

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What's in them


The glue that binds us all together. These dates get soaked with sunshine for a hundred days of the year. You can practically taste the sun's rays in every snack we make. ⠀


Almonds take center stage as the main ingredient in this nutty bar. Almonds and dates are just a perfect combination. We use whole almonds and chop them fresh within the production run.


The Coconut; versatile and pretty much indispensable in today's exotic diet. It provides us with nutrient dense calories, vitamins and minerals. Not to mention a decadent, creamy flavour. ⠀


Hemp is considered a complete source of protein, containing all 20 essential amino acids that are essential for the body’s needs. This natural powerhouse is incredibly earth-friendly as it grows very tall and fast killing weeds, meaning that pesticides are not required when growing the plant. We use white British hemp protein as our main protein source for our bars!


Cocoa ahh cocoa, one of mother earth’s greatest miracles. Our cocoa is raw and wholeheartedly organic and Fairtrade, allowing it to be in its most natural vegan form. Cocoa has a sumptuous taste and is loved by many worldwide!


Orange is the star of our cocoa orange protein bar. Perfectly zesty with an everlasting aftertaste. This citrus fruit is super delicious! We use real dried Orange pieces instead of artificial flavourings.

Typical Values Per 100g Per Bar
Energy (kJ/kcal) 1595/379 877/208
Fat 9g 5g
(of which saturates) 2g 1g
Carbohydrate 43g 24g
(of which sugars) 38g 21g
Fibre 6g 3g
Protein 27g 15g
Salt 0.37g 0.21g